Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Learnscope finish

This year's Learnscope project is now finished for me as well. On 27th October we had the WA E-learning experience in the Parmelia Hilton, where I had to give a brief (30 mins) overview of the project. There were also a lot of other speakers there who gave me lots of ideas for Learnscope 2007, so pencil in your Term 3 Thursday nights. The final report was sent off this morning so all that remains is one piece of paper to sign! Thank you for your participation!

Now, I know Jody, Shirley and Jean are busy creating hot potato exercises and Andrew ( who wasn't even on the project but came to my talk at the AMEP Conference has adopted blogs as his main vehicle of communication in Balga { and}), but I would love to know the products you others are creating as a result of the project. Please reply by posting a comment.

Finally to pass the time: in the project we looked at "wikipedia" but now there is "uncyclopedia" as well. Google it in and have a look at the Perth entry. Till later...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Please see the results of the survey here.

Incidentally, I would like to hear what people understood by "Uploading files to the Internet". (questions 4-7). The survey is not what I would have expected on this point and I thought that you must have thought it not what it is. What is it? Well, after making your htm pages for your website, you upload them to your webspace. I introduced this using FTP. Was this what you believed it was.

Friday, October 20, 2006

After Week 10

Well, the project is over but this does not mean that your barking should be. Don't just cast the notes aside and let it go, try and keep your skills up. I am available for JIT coaching if you need help and as mature canines, you get priority.

For those of you who have constructed a basic website, develop it. All the notes will remain on the Net for some time, so even if you can't find your file of papers you can always go and look at them here.

As I said, one of the speakers at the AMEP Conference was talking about "disruptive technologies" (ie innovations that completely change lifestyles) and he believed that blogging is one of them, so even if you think they are a waste of time, they'll affect you sometime. My mother didn't like using the telephone...

For your interest I will be making the results of the online survey accessible when all have finished it. Now, it may be that "individual final reports" have to be written for the Learnscope administration; your journals and other comments may suffice but I may have to ask you to complete a further report in the next couple of weeks. Shouldn't take long.

Finally thank you for your attendance and enthusiasm; I hope you continue to use your new tricks.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Review and Close

Please be advised that after this evening's session we will be consuming antipasti and drinks to mark the final session of the Learnscope project.

In this ultimate session, please work by yourself – the aim is to encourage you to remember and remind yourself how to do the tasks. The notes will tell you all and your neighbour may not be there to help you next time when you really need to do it. If you have forgotten your handouts, please go to the Resources page , download them and print them off.

Task 1 (Image)

Task 4 (wav file)

Task 5 (Examples of Hot Potato exercises)

Task 7 (Triangular website examples)
Example 1
Example 2

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


If you missed the pre-Thursday survey in your e-mail, here it is again. Please complete before the session.

Click here to take survey

Session 10

Don't forget that the final, last and ultimate New Tricks Learnscope 2006 session will be held on Thursday in the usual place at 4:30 pm (1630H).

This will be a review session and will cover most aspects of the project from the beginning, so even if you missed the last session(s) it will be of use for you to attend so that you can consolidate your skills.

Please bring your worksheets with you (you should have them in a nice folder) so that you can refer to them in the session.

See all 17 of you there (or was it 18?).

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

End of Term

Yes, the term's over but Learnscope isn't. On Thursday 19th October at 4:30 there willbe lesson 10, which basically will be a review of all. I know some of you were a bit daunted by composing webpages, but we will be looking at everything in this session, so don't miss it. In the meantime, I will be reporting on the project at the AMEP conference and later at the end of October at the WA E-learning Experience,(where all the WA Learnscope projects will be presented) so thanks for doing the "Skills Audit" and thanks for your comments, although some of them were most surprising. See you next term.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Answers to the Quiz

Congratulations to Jean who got all the answers correct first time. Close seconds were Sonia and Cathy with nine and also rans Wendy and Ingrid with six. Shirley H didn't understand how teachers at AMES find the time to waste on answering silly competitions and I must admit most of the entrants were non-teaching staff - except for the prize winner of course!

Nipper (Cathy knew this one without Google!)
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Cerebus (I accepted “Fluffy” from Harry Potter from Sonia- see picture on right- although HP wasn't around when Blake painted the picture of Cerebus below)
Kommissar Rex ( I accepted Inspector Rex)
Skippy aka Asta (Come on - his name was on the back of the chair)
Laika (Space dog)
Rin Tin Tin
Bullseye (Sonia seemed to know this one without Google! - he's from Oliver Twit).

Some canine websites

Well done to those who gave me their ISP details and managed to put up their webs! Check out their websites:

Shirley H
Shirley S
Wendy (well Wendy made one but BigPond let us down with their user unfriendly interfaces)